Written by: Rob Evangelista Devas is one of the prominent places in Encantadia, a place where blessed ivtres reside. Devas holds the seat of power of Emre, the god of Spirituality and Faith, who worshiped mostly by Lireans and some other beings in Encantadia. It is also His home, and realm. Many Engkantados who follows... Continue Reading →


Mga Bathala ng Encantadia

Written by: Brandon De Luna "Pinakamataas na bathala, humihingi ako ng tulong sa inyo ngayon, upang mapalaya ang Devas!" - Emre, Episode 191 sneak peek It's difficult to complete the Bathaluman lore due to some conflicting narratives (hello Imaw) and regarding their jurisdictions. But this line from Emre seems to confirm one thing.. there is... Continue Reading →

#Top7 of #EncantadiaPwersa

Written by: Melisse Yutuc I hope you all read till the end, even if it is long! My fifth, sixth and seventh points are my favorites! The show touched upon fantastic themes, complexities and issues! 1. Emre’s Warning Emre, having been demoted to a mere mortal, asks Cassiope-a and Imaw to help him fight the... Continue Reading →

The First Luntaie

Written by: Brandon De Luna "Makinig kayo, minsan nang may hinirang si Emre na tagapagligtas ngunit ito'y pinaslang ng Bathalumang Ether bago pa man magawa ang kanyang layunin." - Pagaspas, Episode 58 This comment made me think that Lira was not the unang tagpagligtas na pinili ng Bathalang Emre at isa pang nakakapagtaka dito ay... Continue Reading →

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