Written by: Rob Evangelista Devas is one of the prominent places in Encantadia, a place where blessed ivtres reside. Devas holds the seat of power of Emre, the god of Spirituality and Faith, who worshiped mostly by Lireans and some other beings in Encantadia. It is also His home, and realm. Many Engkantados who follows... Continue Reading →


Devas Symbols

Analysis by: Rob Evangelista Just like mortal world, Encantadia is governed with different Philosophies and Principles of magic. One of the best things in Encantadia 2016 is that, there‚Äôs corresponding meaning to a specific concept (Thanks to Golden Trio Sir Noel Layon Flores, Ms Suzette Severo Doctolero, and Direk Mark Reyes). Now, as we delve... Continue Reading →

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