Written by: Rob Evangelista

Devas is one of the prominent places in Encantadia, a place where blessed ivtres reside. Devas holds the seat of power of Emre, the god of Spirituality and Faith, who worshiped mostly by Lireans and some other beings in Encantadia. It is also His home, and realm.

Many Engkantados who follows the faith in Emre, wish to live in abode of Devas after they die. Devas plays a vital role of the concept of Afterlife in Encantadia. For faithful Encantados, they consider Devas as the heaven, a goal and destination they want to reach once they leave Encantadia.

With the introduction of the Supreme Deity, an entity with status and powers higher than Emre and the other gods, some would say that Devas is not the Heaven version of Encantadia. That may be true, because there is another place, a realm of gods, which until now, where the neutral gods are still unable to go back. Going back, Devas serves as abode of spirits graced by Emre. It’s something like Fields of Elysium in Greek Mythology, a paradise for blessed soul.

Now that there’s battle of gods, we can’t help but wonder why Ether and Arde wants to seize Devas from Emre’s rule. Emre represents the Devas Symbol for Spirituality and Faith. He has dominion on the faith of Engkantados, and Devas symbolizes His sphere of influence, in faith and spirit. We can deduce that Arde and Ether, with the help of Keros, wanted to seize Devas not only just for revenge, but they also want to crush the foundation of faith of Encantadia to Emre. It is possible that they (Arde and Ether), believe that by taking away the domain and powers of Emre, it will shift the worship of Encantados, from god Emre to the two usurper deities.

We still don’t know the other reasons why Arde and Ether wants to overthrow Emre. But one thing is true – they resented Emre because he got the most worshippers, and they loathed him ever since Emre cursed them. Now that Emre reduced to a normal Engkantados, will he be able to reclaim Devas?

#Bonus The transformation of Emre into normal engkantado parallels with Christian doctrine, the concept to Jesus, the second Persona of God, when He descended to earth as mortal. We can also say that this transformation is a test for Encantados’ faith in Emre, that losing faith in god of Spirituality is giving up hope in what’s happening in Encantadia. Just like God is testing people our faith in Him, which we need to ponder this Holy Week.

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