Mga Bathala ng Encantadia

Written by: Brandon De Luna

“Pinakamataas na bathala, humihingi ako ng tulong sa inyo ngayon, upang mapalaya ang Devas!” – Emre, Episode 191 sneak peek

It’s difficult to complete the Bathaluman lore due to some conflicting narratives (hello Imaw) and regarding their jurisdictions. But this line from Emre seems to confirm one thing.. there is an even higher being whom the 5 are accountable with.

We recall that nagaway ang kabutihan at kasamaan sa kalangitan at pinili noon ng 5 bathala na hindi pumanig sa kahit ninuman dahil ang dalawang panig ay may mga kaibigan sila. This is why there were not accepted in any of the domains, heaven or hell (see: Noel Layon Flores Facebook Page on Encantadia Genesis).

If we are to connect this, this is the first open rebellion of Satan against Yahweh, the Abrahamic God who
we know of. It is said that Satan was cast out like a lightning from heaven due to his failed rebellion. Maaaring kilala nina Emre, Arde, Ether, Keros, at Haliya ang mga panginoon nito – they are created beings too.

The Gods of Encantadia are not actual gods rather mga “demi-gods (Severo-Doctolero, 2017, Twitter)” where they have immense power yet they can suffer injury from any one or even stripped off of their powers. Makapangyarihang mga nilalang ang mga bathala ng Encantadia ngunit may kahinaan which Emre knows of.

It can be theorized that the Abrahamic God is the same bathala whom Emre referred to while seeking his help to liberate Devas. We are aware that God uses the power of providence in order to show his power by causing “coincidences” to help his people (see: Book of Esther in the Bible). The 5 bathalas are demigods in Encantadia who are prone to temptation of power (Arde, Keros, and Ether), prone to be misunderstood (Keros), and prone to fail (Emre). They are fallible, maaaring magkamali at matalo.

Emre may have knew this which is why he ensured that those who seek godhood must be just and fair – the same values we know about the God we believe in.

It seems Paopao and Lira are the only ones who worship the Higher Being and telling Him to their friends in Encantadia. Lira asked God to be with Emre in helping her mother, even claiming that the two are friends. Paopao opinionated the existence of a God whom the humans worship which he believes is their last hope – Emre seems to agree with him in his prayer.

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