#Top7 of #EncantadiaPwersa

Written by: Melisse Yutuc

I hope you all read till the end, even if it is long! My fifth, sixth and seventh points are my favorites! The show touched upon fantastic themes, complexities and issues!

1. Emre’s Warning
Emre, having been demoted to a mere mortal, asks Cassiope-a and Imaw to help him fight the other vengeful gods. He also warns them that the fairies will not win the war if Devas itself is seized. But it’s more than just that… Emre knows that without him in Devas monitoring the fate of the creatures he holds dear, without him guiding his people with challenges and gifts, without him saving them in their times of need… they will truly never be successful. We all believe in a certain higher power. Imagine the complete absence of that higher power – everyone is vulnerable. I believe what the writers are trying to illustrate is the great necessity for faith and the sudden loss of hope, love and honor when there is no faith. Because now with Emre gone, the fairies do not stand a chance. Without faith… where would we all be?

2. Hagorn’s Grudge
All this time, Hagorn has always believed that the fairies are fooling everyone else that he is the villain. I personally don’t think he is saying this to fool Deshna – there is a hidden grudge in Hagorn that allows him to justify every horrid thing he has ever done… because he himself believes that his best friend betrayed him, he himself believes that his father died as an injustice, his daughter Pirena attempted to stab him – again, another betrayal and then we had LilaSari betray him too. This is a man whose moral compass has been scarred by unfortunate events. I believe, however, that it will take his child Deshna, to stir him back to his naturally good nature. Another thing, Mine-a cursed the whole Hathorian race for kidnapping her child. When was it ever right for a leader to use personal motivations as fuel for revenge where possibly innocent people would be merely pawns in the middle of the battlefield in a war they can never win? It is never right. I would like to believe that Hagorn felt an even stronger sense of injustice when Mine-a cursed their race years ago.

3. Hidden Agenda
Finally! We hear Hagorn say that he plans to avenge Mira and Deshna’s friend. He hints that he is truly not allying with Avria and co. The way he sat down in his throne as he talked to his child displayed a sense of empathy for what Deshna felt… but also a sense of new character development. The old Hagorn would have simply allied with Avria and co. to take down the fairies, which has always been his ultimate goal. But the new Hagorn vows something different. An innocence of a child like Deshna always play a crucial role in humanizing even the most vile. In fact, I believe that Cassiope-a’s prophecy has always been reverse of what was intended. Years back, Cassiope-a prophesized that if Hagorn brought up Deshna, then it would be the end of their world. But technically, Deshna is somewhat “of age” already – so the “upbringing” stage is over. It is safe to conclude that the prophecy is void and a new one has been established. Ironically I believe that peace would prevail now that Deshna is grown up with the absence of her childhood’s upbringing with her father.

4. Gem Advancement
We’ve seen multiple elemental fuses and when Avria attempted to use the air gem, many thought the show was over – I mean, how can you defeat Amihan’s gem, right? But when Danaya and Alena used their gems to bring the air back, we see a necessary advancement in the understanding of gem wielding. Hence, moving forward, battles should be more difficult even when using the gems. I know many have gone weary with the “agawan ng brilyante” plot – however, as we witnessed, it is not so easy to get the gems back from Avria anymore nor is it easy to use one gem to defeat an army. It will now take extreme wits and not just the gems to win a war.

5. War Complexities
It has become a 4-dimensional war. In the first corner, we have Pirena and Ybrahim who wants only justice for the deaths of their children – without realizing that their personal motives may very well affect many innocent lives. Important to take note that Pirena easily gave up on Devas and Emre’s order. In the second corner, we have Danaya and Alena who believe in Cassiope-a’s warning from Emre and who takes into consideration the lives of the majority. Though in the most tricky situation while ensuring both the defense and offense against Etheria’s attack, Danaya’s faith in Emre prevailed. In the third corner, we have Hagorn with his hidden agendas to get revenge on Avria. However, he still most likely holds a grudge against the fairies, it is still unknown how he will balance his strategic goals for both Etheria and Lireo. Lastly, in the fourth corner we have Avria, Ether and company who seeks total domination. One would think Lira’s pacifist way is no solution to a chaotic race like the Etherians but as Emre stated, it is not power that is strength. The Etherians must have a weakness – a past motivation. So as you can see, it is not a mere 2-dimensional good vs evil type of war. It is more complex – as complex as it can get at this point. To be honest with you, even I don’t know where I would put myself in. Each corner has something worth fighting for: (1) justice – that’s all Pirena and Ybrahim seek at this moment (2) peace – as Queen of Lireo, it is the utmost duty for Danaya to find the most peaceful way of going about the war (3) freedom – more than justice, I believe Hagorn seeks freedom, internally and externally and (4) status – the Etherians want to be the recognized as the most powerful, albeit through the most gruesome ways. And don’t we all seek justice, peace, freedom and status in this world? Exactly.

6. Unresolved Conflict
I’d like to emphasize the conflict between the “good” leaders – I believe I’ve repeated this twice but there is a reason. Many people assume that the fairies are the good guys – however, did anyone notice Ybrahim’s face when he learned that the Sang’gres kept a secret from him? That they hid Hagorn all this time and never told him, even while knowing that having a dangerous enemy in chains may very well be as dangerous as having him lose? Ybrahim obviously did not like that this secret was kept from him. Zoom out to the real world, there are many things going on in the political environment that we are unaware of or that we think we are aware of. And as Hagorn points out, he believes that the fairies have been fooling everyone that they are the good ones… this may very well be adapted to the real-world situations we have now. Are the heroes truly heroes? Are the villains truly villains? It’s time to start questioning and seeking the truth. This unresolved conflict between Danaya and Alena and Ybrahim and Pirena stimulates much-needed conversation about the importance of truth. And let’s not forget Mine-a who was the Queen of the Fairies and yet, no one discussed how she cursed a whole race. Uncalled for? I would say yes. Not black and white, indeed. But it is a matter of seeking out the truth in all things.

7. Cassiope-a’s Challenge
I have a theory that everything that is happening right now is the big challenge for Cassiope-a’s promotion to bathaluman. Notice how they emphasized Pirena’s loss of faith in Cassiope-a, and eventually her giving up on Devas and Emre? And then we zoom in to Danaya who chooses to believe in Cassiope-a. We all know that the gods and goddesses in Encantadia are stronger when they have more people believing in them. If Emre was still in Devas, what would have hindered the races to not follow and believe in Cassiope-a’s every call and order? Everything would have been crystal sailing from there if Emre was safe and sound. But I theorize that Emre knew he needed evil to succeed at some point, in order to properly challenge Cassiope-a. Think about it. Emre is powerful – can he really be defeated just like that? I believe he allowed these things to happen because personally, he too wants to be in Encantadia – to see his world as a mortal, to see first hand how Cassiope-a would handle things, to witness his creatures make decisions on whether they would keep believing or would they give in to the absence of faith… And eventually, when the time is right, he will seize Devas back and judge whether Cassiope-a is indeed fit to be a goddess. Just my two cents!

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