The Lessons behind the “Massacre in Cassiope-a’s Island.”


#OverprotectionCanKill When Cassiope-a put a shield around her island to prevent any of the diwanis from using ivictus, I saw that as a symbol of overprotection without actually protecting the younglings. Besides the fact that Cassiope-a forgot to put an incantation from preventing enemies to enter the island, somehow I see this as a symbol for parents out there. It is only but natural to want the best for your children – but it is also just as choking when you overprotect them and hinder them to fly.

#ThingsDontAlwaysGoAsPlanned Here we are at the point of the story where we expected a Percy Jackson or Harry Potter type of New Bearer training and story theme… only to see the new bearer number been cut in half. We always think we got our lives planned – you know… work hard here, learn more there, goal achieved some time down the road. And that’s fine. But it’s also always better to realize that there will and always be external factors out of our control. Bad people like Asval, bad decisions like Danaya’s, bad events like the distraction in Lireo will often stray the direction of our plans. What matters is how we react to it.

#DontBeABystander When you see others being hurt, being abused, being maltreated… don’t just stand there and watch. Don’t just take photos or videos of the event. Help. Out. I’ve seen too often how people end up falling for cowardice and technology instead of triggering the humanity in them. Have we become so numb in life that we have forgotten what it truly means to be human?

#PoliticsMatters The purpose of the government is to serve the people. Lireo’s leadership somehow affects all the lives in Encantadia. Decisions being made from the top affects the oldest and the youngest of the population. The council’s advice, the leaders’ course of actions create a domino effect that not only bring satisfaction to their people but may also bring tragedy. Hence why, it is always important for people to know that politics matters. It is vital that the people of any country, of any place realize this – because you, your children, and your children’s children will reap the consequences of your involvement… or of your apathy.


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