“The Irony between the Hathorian and Sapiryan Races”

Written by: Melisse Yutuc
Inspired by Klc Dan Villegas

Hathoria and Justice

Pirena’s sense of justice has always been crooked. But as time passed by, Mira brought her mother’s sense of justice on the right track – and now we see Deshna’s innate sense of the word as she seeks revenge for her loved ones. Once Hagorn learns the truth about his father’s death at the hands of Asval, it is only fitting we see all three find justice in their losses. Strange that of all the races, Hathors seem to be the ones who seek justice in all things, albeit, through wrong and right reasons. Historically, Hathoria had ambitions and dreams for their world – but those were all put at a halt by other races. And ironically, there was no clarity sought after that. However, it did lead to the race’s fiery rage, hidden contempt and increasing quest for power. Was and is the Hathors’ sense of justice the core of their race’s history and future?

Hagorns Halfhearted Humanity

“Pinaslang nila ang aking apo?!” and here we see Hagorn’s internal struggle. The shaky stature and teary eyes…He tries very hard not to show his pain with Mira’s death. Why? Because Hagorn’s pride was tainted badly by his past that no show of weakness is permissible for the past Hathorian King. He was scarred by a history that the 2016 viewers have yet to witness. Then Hagorn repeatedly tells Pirena to scram while uttering the words “Baka masaktan pa kita.” He could have easily just killed his daughter, but Pirena reminded him that he was spared by Danaya because of Pirena’s wish for a second chance for her father. An unexpected course of action from Pirena, you can tell how Hagorn lit up a soft spot for his daughter but eventually quickly exterminated it. Lastly, when we see Hagorn’s happiness as he laid eyes upon Deshna, you do not see the rash Hathor we all know, but instead we witnessed a loving father – not just because Deshna is his daughter, but because deep down, he knows he can never repair the wounds with his eldest, Pirena – instead he can start anew with his youngest, Deshna. Twisted but loving nonetheless.

Sapiro and Honor

On the other hand, a Sapiryan is usually deemed as this noble man – one who would give protection and strength to others. Their King, Ybrahim, embodies exactly this for his people. A sense of stability and security – somehow reminiscent of the gem of earth held by Danaya.

Most Wanted Asval

Ironically however, Asval, who is a Sapiryan is the exact opposite of what his race is known for. There is no sense of honor in this man whatsoever. Asval has killed many royals. Arvak. Mine-a. Ybrahim. Amihan (partially). Lira. Mira. And many more, for sure. All we know about his motivations is that he always wanted to rule Sapiro – he aimed to take the throne from Ybrahim, strategizing almost all of his steps with this goal. Has the natural desire for power consumed him without a history behind this ambition? What of his Sapiryan upbringing and beliefs?

The Hathorian race has always been deemed as the most misunderstood beings in Encantadia when in fact, their history has been founded on their lost sense of justice. But now, the current Hathorian royal family seeks justice with all the right reasons.

The Sapiryan race has always allied with Lireo – motivated with good intentions for peace and stability. But their race consists of a man, Asval, who brought the most grief, despair and chaos in their world.

Yes, they are ironies.

But to me, I see a different message. It simply shows that stereotyping or classifying a group of people simply because it’s easier to put the blame on a certain race, religion or the like is never the way to go. After all, as you can see, not all Hathors are bad and not all Sapiryans are good – like Encantadia, the world is not always black and white.

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