By: Noel Layon Flores

TheWar between Darkness and Light.ab906e50970443.58de88953da0b

The neutral elemental deities.e4611e50970443.58de88953e3a6

The fall of the dark onesbc643850970443.58de88953df8b

The triumphant deities of light’s refusal of the elemental deities.69aae550970443.58de88953c31d

There is no place in the darkness of the void for neutral deities.


The creation of ENCANTADIA0fda4850970443.58de88953e76f

The five deities of Encantadia71740750970443.58de88953bdeb

Dominion over Encantadia, left to three Gods.ce3cff50970443.58de88953d679

The Malice.d5af5550970443.58de88953cbd5

The betrayal.7263b950970443.58de88953d113

The embodiment of an equation.5dce7b50970443.58de88953ea9d


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