Avisala Meiste, Lira

Written by: Melisse Yutuc

Avisala Meiste, Lira.

When grief engulfed thousands for Mira’s last breath, the same anguish was felt for the demise of Amihan’s daughter and the heiress to the throne.

Lira was more than just the Light… she was Hope. The laughter she inflicted upon many is and always will bring a smile to anyone’s face. And that was one of the most important things that hooked many to the story: Lira’s Joy always translated to Hope. That despite the many struggles, that despite the many battles she’s encountered, that despite the multiple betrayals she has experienced, she remained hopeful with a humor that kept the story fun and upbeat.

While full of laughter, Lira’s heart also served as the Voice of Reason. When Mira refused to visit her mother, Lira knew that somehow, someway she needed to convince her cousin that Pirena was still her mother. When Avria took over Cassiope-a and Cass won back her body, Lira knew then and there that Cassiope-a was the real Cassiope-a, convincing the Elderly to see reason before haste. And let’s not forget one of her biggest victories: Pirena’s Redemption. Amihan’s daughter did not quit – she used no weapon, no magic… but Voice alone to reason out with Pirena’s then-conflicted heart. Who said a hero needed a sword or an army or magical powers or great strength? Lira showed us that Voice alone is strong enough to defeat countless enemies, Evil as the most important one.

One of her most notable traits is her belief that violence is never the key to peace and that wielding a weapon is unnecessary…which is quite ironic since her mother was the most skilled at combat. Despite this, she remained true to what she believed in by learning magic and seeing through the most narrow of paths by finding better solutions to dilemmas. She believed that if she need not raise a sword, she would rather use an alternative.

Prayer was also one of the most beautiful suits Lira wore. When she was cursed by Ether – she prayed not just for herself but for those around her. Even when she was extremely affected by her own mother’s “amnesia” situation – she did not become envious of Mira… but only sorrowful. Nothing hindered her from praying and believing that there is a higher power that was watching over her and her loved ones. I think that’s a very powerful belief to have – like Lira, prayer and faith keep us grounded.

Mira and Lira were the epitome of what it means to have a sibling. They may have not been literal siblings – but their relationship grows past the friendship and cousinhood most would see them as. They are sisters – and no one can break the bond of sisters… no one… but Death.

And now we have to say our farewells. Lira 2016 was special – she’s not the Lira of 2005 who asked Cassiope-a to end her life to be with a boy, not considering the outcome of her horrible decision – how her family would feel. Lira 2016 is different. A good different. There was no boy that defined her future. There was no easy-way-out struggles. And to see her bid farewell to us is painful – simply because she was almost everything that made us smile, laugh and reflect.

Lira was not simply any kind of Sang’gre – she was the most down-to-earth, playful and optimistic one of them. Granted, she could have been irritating at times – especially when she would say jokes in the most untimely moments or when she and Mira were thinking they were entitled enough to be one of the New Bearers.

But in a world full of chaos and negativity, we all need someone like Lira. Or better yet, we can all become like Lira to a certain degree.

Despite her flaws, the mass loves Lira for the beautiful character she is.

And now… she is gone.

The question is… with Amihan’s ivtre back in Encantadia, how exactly is Lira and Amihan to find themselves back in each other’s company when one went back to Encantadia from Devas and the other is only on her way to Devas? This is probably one of the most tragic events in Encantadia: Lira and Amihan were separated since Lira’s birth up until a few days after Amihan’s Fall… and now upon Lira’s death, they are again separated despite Amihan’s efforts to undergo Sarkosi.

How much more tragedy will we witness?

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