Avisala Meiste, Mira

Written by: Rob Evangelista

It’s hard to say goodbye to the one you loved the most. It’s hard to let go of someone so special to you. It’s hard to lose a family member so dear to you.

I said before that Mira was one of the characters that I despised in Encantadia 2005. She’s everything I don’t like for a Lirean princess. A bratinella, thinking that she could bend everyone to her will. She will do anything to achieve what she wants, at expense of other’s happiness. What’s more, they made her heartless, emotionless puppet of Hathoria. While there is a little bit of redemption, a reconciliation between her and Pirena, it’s too late, because she was killed by Asval 2005.

Since then, I wished that if ever Team Enca will do a remake, I hoped they will change the fate of Mira. Then the waiting has started.

Just when I thought of giving up, that they will not revive the most epic fantaserye, GMA announced that they will do a 2016 version of Encantadia. Of course, I’m excited! It’s my childhood fandom! And my hope for Mira rekindled.

Everything changed when Team E introduced Kate Valdez, who will portray the role of Mira 2016. My initial thought, OMG she’s perfect! I watched her how she took her role as Mira seriously. She’s so great Mira became one of my most favorite characters in Encantadia 2016. Kate changed my perception on Mira. I may already mentioned this a lot of times, that Mira 2016 is totally different from her 2005 version. Mira 2016 is loving, compassionate and intelligent Sang’gre. Her bravery is unwavering, and she has sense of responsibility. With these characteristics, I actually see her as one of the Queens of Lireo.

Then I waited, I crossed my fingers. I prayed to the gods, Emre, Arde, Ether, and even the fourth deity (no kidding), that they let Mira survive. Then the book 1 of Enca2016 ended and yes! Mira survived! Pirena survived as well and they will live to mend and rebuild their mother-daughter relationship. I also admire that Mira moved on after she saw Anthony, happy with his family.

Book 2 came and there’s new dangers in Encantadia. Mira, together with Lira, became full-fledged Sanggre. We witnessed her character development, and that makes me love Mira even more. We also see the development of her relationship with her mother, Hara Pirena, which is always astounding, and tear-jerking.

A plot-twist, she was chosen by Water Element to be trained as the new Keeper of Brilyante ng Tubig. I’m surprised yes, but I’m pleased as well. Wisdom favored Mira and she always gives wise counsel. Then she underwent training with the other keepers and that tragedy happened. The tragedy that cost Mira’s life. Mira was killed, by Asval, like what happened in 2005. I hate it when villains slash someone’s neck to death.

I’m devastated, I’m drowned with anguish. I’m literally crying as I write this article and I don’t know how can I complete this post while I’m still mourning for what happened to Mira. I can’t imagine Pirena’s grief, and her rage, once she learns the fate of her beloved daughter, her gem, and her life. A heartbreaking scene, Mira even asked Lira to survive so she can tell her Mother Pirena that she loved her very much despite everything she said.

This is heartbreaking. The waves of emotion, of grief, of pain, and anger is overwhelming. I want to kill Asval, resurrect him, and kill him again and throw him to the deepest part of Bala-ak. (Sorry for raging, I’m so upset right now). Mira died as a heroine. Her death is brutal, but she and Lira chose to fight the Mashnas of Etheria to save and protect their friends.

I’d like to thank Kate Valdez for her portrayal as Sang’gre Mira. Kate and Mikee are little rays of sunshine that gives light to Team E, they’re truly exceptional. Kate is one of the reasons why we’re grieving, her acting is superb you’ll be moved if she has heavy scene with Lira or Pirena.

Pirena’s loss is also our loss. Her pain is also our pain. Mira is a gem of Lireo and Hathoria, and both kingdoms will be devastated. True enough, Mira is one of the greatest things Enca2016 ever have.

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