Sanya Lopez’ Avria

Written by: Melisse Yutuc

Personally, I have pretty high standards when it comes to the acting. But it’s only fitting to make a proper review for Sanya Lopez’ stellar rendition of Fake!Danaya – Avria.

Sanya’s half mocking giggles mirrors exactly how Avria laughs when she knows she’s going to win or when she knows she has the upper hand.

Sanya’s jerking eye rolls and twitches signify a lot about Avria’s mockery towards the fairy race and its allies during many memorable scenes.

Sanya’s dramatic pauses before pivotal lines emulates exactly how Avria is when she talks to anyone in her path.

Sanya’s piercing stares goes well at par with Avria’s eyes when she is pissed or furious with her own people.

Sanya’s delivery of fear for being discovered as a fake is the exact xerox copy of how Avria would act if she was really scared of being caught.

Sanya’s sarcastic mood swings are very fitting for Avria’s character – satisfied at one point, angry at another.

She emulated Eula marvelously.

Natural. Balanced. Well-calculated. Not forced. No hint of pretend. Real. Vulnerable. Shocking.

I might even have to say that Sanya played Avria better than how Eula played Danaya.

This is an actor you give roles to – she delivers really well. In fact, better than most. And that’s a lot to say, given that she is just new to the craft.

Kaya minsan talaga, kahit bago, pabigyan. Minsan sila pang mga baguhan ang mas magaling sa ibang mas matagal nang nasa sining.

Again, kudos to Sanya Lopez as Fake!Danaya – Avria!

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