Powers of Avria

Written by: Rob Evangelista

Avisala Engkantadiks! I know most of you guys hate Hara Avria as one of the major villains of Encantadia. Her skill on spreading terror and chaos is uncanny. She’s highly independent and resourceful Queen and she rarely asks for Ether’s help, unless it’s necessary. But this time, let’s appreciate how powerful Avria is. What powers does she have as an Etherian Queen?

Like all Sang’gres, Avria has an ability to use ivictus, teleporting from one place to another. And as powerful Etherian, her ivictus is somewhat more advanced than Diwatas.

Avria’s sonokinesis is ten-times more powerful than Alena and Lira. As explained on previous episode, Sonokonesis was an ability that was practiced by Etherians for eons

This is Percy Jackson Fandom reference haha. Children of Aphrodite and Sorcerers like Medea and Circe has an ability to charm through their voice. They could charm a person into submission. Like the Sorcerers of Greek Mythology, Avria can also use Charmspeak. She charmed numerous Encantados into submission, so she can raise her own army. She can also lift it when Ybrahim asked her to return the encantados they abducted.

Advanced Sorcery
As powerful Sorceress, Avria mastered the powers of raw magic. She perfom enchantments no other Encantados can do. She was able to create illusions. She could even enchant the 5th gem to poison the essence of Air and Earth Gems. She can also restore the memory of Manik even if he was still charmed.

It’s amazing that Avria can transform into any Encantado, like Pirena, without the use of Fire Gem. She was able to transform to Pirena, Danaya and Aquil.

Like Imaw’s Staff and Eye of Cassiope-a, Avria can see the past events, as shown when she (as Eula Valdez) initially tried to seize the Air Gem but failed. She used her Balintataw and learned that Hara Danaya asked the gem to strengthen its protection.

Potion Making
Avria also has ability to create a powerful potion, particularly a deadly poison. Though in my opinion, she should’ve create a slow-reacting poison, like it’ll take effect after few hours. Thanks to Wahid, the planned massacre was failed.

Occlumency and Legillimency
As stated on yesterday’s episode, Avria has the ability to penetrate through the mind of an Encantado. Moreover, she could also block someone to read her mind, like Cassiope-a. Pretty much like Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter Universe 😂👿

Though I personally despised this particular scene, it brought back memories from Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas. Avria was able to switch form with Danaya. She was able to trap Danaya in Avria’s form. But unlike Danaya, Avria can still go back to her original form.

Power still has limitations, Ether made sure of that. Like what she did to Pirena, she set a restriction to Avria’s abilities. As explained by Amarro, there is a certain “balik” if Avria used her powers to a powerful Encantados (like Pirena). As Avria use enchantments against a powerful encantado, her lifespan will shorten, and it will also inflict burn, something like a reflected damage. Ether, as a Bathaluman, despised Engkantados who wanted to pursue the path of gods (i.e. Cassiope-a). As Avria is considered a Bunggaitan, Ether feared that Avria will use her powers against her. So naturally Ether set a restriction on Avria’s enchantments so she can only use on Encantados lower than her.

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