The Women of Punjabwe and Nymfas

Written by: Melisse Yutuc
Though this scene was underrated, it is one of my most favorite scenes: When Deshna put Azulan in his place.

Azulan scolded Ariana and stated that he hasn’t given Ariana permission to do any training or even permission to be a new bearer. Well, Deshna hated it. She said that it’s good she wasn’t a Punjabwe – because as a Nymfa, women can learn how to use weapons for defense…

The mere fact that Deshna actually defended Ariana was beautiful. Women defending fellow women is crucial in society today – same goes for other genders and representations. Though deemed to be a hot-headed and vengeful young Nymfa, we see Deshna spend some time and well-thought out words to defend the meek and soft-spoken Ariana. She defended the right of Ariana to be able to learn and become the woman she desires to be.

But you know what’s even more beautiful? She defended Ariana not because she thought what she was fighting for was right but because she realized that Ariana wanted the same thing:


That’s important. Often, we think that what we fight for is right, forgetting to understand and learn if the person we’re defending or trying to influence thinks the same way. It’s important to take that into consideration.

This topic about Equality is so well-woven in this fantasy story: What exactly does equality signify? How do we apply it in the real world? Why is it still an issue? When is it wrong to change a people’s traditions for the sake of the notion of Equality?

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