The Etherian War Champions

Written by: Zim de la Cruz

As I am googling the photos my Enca 2016 favorite character, Adhara, I found a picture of her together with Cassiope-a and Amihan I during Encantadia 2016’s Grand Press Conference. And then I searched Amihan I’s profile and discovered that aside from being the Sentinel of the Eastern borders of Encantadia, she is also “one” of the Etherian War champions (google it if you want). It immediately catched my interest and also my imagination, who are the Etherian War Champions?

We all know in 2005, Avria was the foster mother of Mine-a, but in this version their relation is still unmentioned, but the most important thing is Avria knew who Mine-a is as she told Ether after not recognizing Lira and Mira while inside the body of Cassiope-a, “Dahil hindi mo nabanggit sa akin na may mga apo pala si Mine-a” (not her exact words). So it’s safe to assume that Mine-a is already alive during the days of Etheria. And we all know that Amihan I is Mine-a’s sister and it’s seems that Adhara is the same age as them. It seems that they’re all in the same generation of encantados. So if Amihan I and Mine-a was already around during those days, Adhara was there too. I seriuosly think it’s possible that the three of them fought agaisnt Etheria.

Cassiope-a was the driving force of all Diwatas and somewhat like the leader of the alliance with Sapiro, Adamya and Hathoria agaisnt Etheria for the reason that she became the gaurdian of the Ynang Brilyante, so she is an absolute Etherian War Champion. Imagine her with Amihan I, Mine-a and Adhara fighting together side by side to destroy Etheria is just too much to handle, it is very fun to see a heroic fight scene with these top-tier Diwatas as they are having coordination and guarding each others back. Also adding the male encantados and other powerful beings who are hundreds or perhaps a thousand years old during that time: Arvak, Armeo, Hagorn, Raquim, Asval, Vish`ka, Demetria and many more not under the generation of Mine-a. They are all possible champions of Etherian war.

I wish we can watch the flashback how Etheria was defeated so that we will know who are the characters who fought for peace and turned evil later on because of greed in power. I wish all characters mentioned above will gather and have a special guesting to wear their costumes again even for just one episode to make a heroic, intense, bloody and magical war scene for a backstory of the end of reign of Etheria.

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