The Burden of Sang’gre Lira of Lireo, Rehav of Sapiro

Date Posted: March 1, 2017

Original Post:

Katha ni: Brandon De Luna

Yesterday, many netizens are annoyed with Lira’s behavior and demeanor for being reckless just to prove herself to everyone that she is ready for the role. In that abangan, we saw Avria attempting to kidnap Lira and people believe because she is the easiest target.

In Episode 125, Lira was able to find out the weakness of anyone within the bloodline of Hara Demetria of Lireo, pride. How is this related to her burden?

In Book 1 of Encantadia 2016, we are aware that the Sang’gres became the saviors of Encantadia especially Hara Amihan of Lireo which cost her life. Rama Ybrahim also became one of the liberators of Sapiro and re-established its sovereignty in the realm.

Step to the shoes on Lira, being the daughter of the most valiant heroes in modern Encantadia history, what would make her feel?


Sang’gre Lira, out of huge pressure, wants to prove herself that she can be a savior of Encantadia. She promised her mother that she will not fail her and be like her in the upcoming war. In Book 1, her fighting skills are not good and she promised to become a better Sang’gre to defend her homeland against invading forces.

Amihan and Ybrahim are her models. Her inspiration to become a heroine, and the amount of training to master the magical arts makes her deserving. She persevered despite having setbacks on growing in the human world. She had entitlement.

Her pride, however, was challenged when they overheard from Imaw that Cassiopea is looking for new Gem Masters, the new saviors. Lira felt short-changed because after she’d been through, she think she will be set aside by her family in favor of the new saviors. Remember, we were reminded that Lira changed after the death of her mother, Amihan.

It’s like Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, destined to bring balance to the Force, yet the Jedi Council did not give him an opportunity out of fear. Same story goes to Lira, she was being protected by her family that any opportunity to prove herself was quashed. As if no one believed in her skills and prowess.

Being the child of the two most known heroes of Encantadia gave her too much pressure that she wants to show that she can save Encantadia as a Sang’gre by right – an entitlement.

Forgotten Contribution

Now, some of the netizens think Lira did not succeed in becoming Luntaie. But in case anyone has forgotten, Lira’s perseverence and indirect methods led to the reconciliation of Minea’s daughters that saved Encantadia. Lira showed Alena that her son is okay in Devas, while Lira persuading Imaw to confront Pirena made a domino effect towards her Ashti’s redemption.

Being Luntaie doesn’t require huge acts to save Encantadia. Sometimes our small actions will result to a much bigger victory, Lira might have forgotten out of pressure and entitlement.

Lira’s weakness? Herself.

The challenge to Sang’gre Lira is fighting herself. Avria might be aware of this fact, and as we know, she will use that to her advantage.


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