Sarkosi: Reincarnation

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Avisala Engkantadiks! I just want to share something that will help us further understand the concept of reincarnation in Encantadia. I hope that this example will give us clearer explanation on what possibly will happen to Amihan as she undergo Sarkosi. Allow me to share this and for sure you’ll find it interesting. Warning: Spoiler alert.

Is anyone here an avid fan of Percy Jackson? Or have read the entire book series? I’ve said before that one thing I love about Encantadia is that it has great parallelism to other fandoms, especially greek mythology. One of the powers of Brilyante ng Tubig is the ability to wash away your memories. This ability is parallel to River Lethe, one of the five rivers of Underworld. Myth says that if a soul from Fields of Elysium wants to be reincarnated, that soul needs to take a bath or drink in River Lethe. That way, it’ll purify the soul and wash away the memories of his/her past life. Then that soul will undergo reincarnation.

So let’s talk about the series. In Son of Neptune, Nico di Angelo told Hazel Levesque that he intended to “rescue” her older sister Bianca di Angelo when he realized that the Doors of Death has been opened. He’s too late though, Bianca already reincarnated, and instead, Nico took Hazel with him (a blessing in disguise, Hazel became one of the Heroes of Olympus).

Another series came and it’s Trials of Apollo. In first book (The Hidden Oracle), we saw that Percy’s mother, Sally Jackson is pregnant with her second child. Percy said that he wants have time with her baby sister. Puzzle pieces put together, I made a theory that Bianca di Angelo will reborn as Percy’s baby sister.

This idea can also happen to Amihan. We’re not sure what will be the fate of Amihan. Who knows, fate will favor Amihan once more, and she’ll reborn as Cassandra. And what we can do as Engkantadiks is watch Encantadia and stay tuned. So let’s hope for the best Engkantadiks and support Encantadia 2016.



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