Encantadia Sigil: Hathoria

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Avisala Engkantadiks!

This week’s episodes focused on Hagorn, the fall of cursed Hathorian Kingdom, and his plan to take revenge and the “rebirth” of Hathorian Army. With those episodes, I think it’s time for us to delve further to mysteries of once-great Hathorian Kingdom.

Hathoria is situated in west of Encantadia, surrounded with forests. It is the oldest and largest Kingdom in Encantadia, second to Etheria, the Kingdom dedicated to Bathalumang Ether. Before the first fall of Hathoria (Mine-a’s curse), it was a great kingdom, building and castle inspired by Japanese exteriors. Hathoria has it’s own unique military organization. They even have their own language and alphabet, which is Hathorka. Even women can join in military ranks. Armors and weaponries are greatly advanced. And to add, Hathorian race are renowned blacksmiths blessed with fire-immunity.

Despite of evil reputation, Hathoria has deeper understanding of Devas Philosophies. As stated on NLF’s Behance, Hathorian race understood the power of Mother Gem. This understanding encouraged them to forge a principle-to gain power for greater good, to benefit not only for Hathoria, but for the realm of Encantadia. This understanding is greatly shown by Bartimus, one of the great Overlords of Hathoria, father of Arvak, grandfather of Hagorn.

Hathorian sigil is a Dragon, entombed in triangular borderline. It’s interesting to note that in early teasers of Encantadia, it’s said that Hathors worshipped a dragon-like pashnea, a Buwarka, or a dragon form of a god named Arde. And I have three points to discuss.

First, Hathoria has great affinity with dragon pashneas. Dragons are one of the most powerful creatures in mythology. They are are the oldest creatures, their hides immune to any form of magic. They breathe fire, and associated to fire element, which is perfect explanation why Hathoria adapted this creature as their sigil. Also, the first Keeper of Brilyante ng Apoy was a Hathorian royalty.

Second, Arde’s form is dragon. I believe the Great Blacksmiths of the West worshipped Arde as their patron deity, long before the Great Schism of three Bathalas, Emre, Arde and Ether. Notice the borderline surrounding the dragon sigil? It may symbolize Arde, secluded in the depths of Balaak, caged because of the curse that Emre set upon him.

Lastly, Hathoria is a strong believer of progress, or should I say, beneficial changes. I also think the Hathorian Sigil also symbolizes the frustration of Hathorian Kingdom on other races, particularly on Healers of the North and faithful Lireans of East. Hathoria’s principle is all about progress, and that principle is hindered because the other races want to keep their old traditions and beliefs. Hathoria wants change, change for the benefit of Encantadia, a concept other races refuse to accept. Their passion to pursue progress made other Engkantados think that all they want is power for their own gain. Hence, the dark reputation of Hathoria has started.

Which made me think, are all Hathors evil? Or they just want to show that power could bring endless progress to the realm of Encantadia? If only other races are open to changes, if only Ether did not use the Hathorian Kingdom for her own evil schemes, if only Hagorn hasn’t been betrayed for numerous times, will there be unnecessary wars, like what is happening right now?


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