Avria: Ang Pagbabalik

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Katha ni: Jhaydee Balladares

“..the one with Wisdom in its center is the most subtle yet most powerful of all whether used for the path of light or for darkness. It holds the key to combining any of the essences or elements. The one who understands this circle has the power to use the fifth element to either combine all singularities into one omnipotent essence or bring forth destruction to all there is in Encantadia.

Through the vessel of Wisdom (Cassiopea) the ancient queen of Etheria obtained the fifth fragment of the mother gem. Here are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind during tonight’s ep.

The tiniest fragment, often underestimated due to its size is actually the most powerful among the five. (Talk about small but terrible) Who would have thought that this tiny fragment would become the main reason for Avria’s rebirth?

The gem who signifies the purity of essence is now the main source of power supplying the necessary requirements for the fallen queen’s rebirth, ironic that the gem that stands for the light is always used on the path of darkness. If we are to include Hagorn’s use of this gem, it would be the second time that the evil side used the power that belongs to side who’s fighting for the light.

The ouroboros symbol, the symbol of unending cycle of creation and destruction is now completely revealed to us. The rise of Avria from the sarcophagus will bring forth another cycle of her life for the benefit of the fallen goddess of creation and will also bring forth destruction to whoever will oppose the her Bathaluman.. her rise will usher a new age of renewed conflict, a new cycle of creation and destruction. The unending cycle of the cosmos, only now in favor at the side of destruction. Will our Sang’gre ever tip the scales of fate to their favor?

Hera Andal, whose mastery rests upon the control of life and death is now at the prime of their learning field as they are now nearing success towards bringing new life to their queen and to their empire and bringing death down upon their enemies.

Are we getting closer at hearing them shout Hade once more? Is it time for us to start fearing?


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