Encantadia Sigil: Adamya

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Avisala Engkantadiks! Now that we talked about the mysteries of Sapiro, Hathoria and Lireo, let’s cover the stories of the lands of “lamang-lupa”, the creatures protected by Diwatas, has strong friendship with Sapiryans, and belittled and mocked by Hathors, the territory of Adamya.

Adamya is group of islands enclosed in a great lake. It was a Kingdom separate from other, in 2005 version. It’s now a territory of Lireo, protecting their mystic islands.

Citizens of Adamya are called Adamyan, a race that resembles our Philippine dwarves, or dwende. While they lack military power, you can rely on them with their great wisdom, blessed by gods and goddess(es). They give good advice and guidance, especially in time of doubt and misfortune. Among the four race, they are the most peaceful creatures of Encantadia. They unlikely use power as offense, only using it as a last resort, especially if they have no choice but to use sheer force to protect someone.

This peaceful nature of Adamyans paved way to their friendship with Sapirians and Lireans. They became the Great Dwarven Sages of South, always seeked for their great wisdom and wise counsel. But this character of Adamyans also caused the ill-attidude of Hathorians towards them. Oftentimes we heard Hagorn insulted Imaw, mocking that Adamyans are weak, useless and the lowest of all creatures. While Hathorians are all about progress through power, Adamyans are all for progress through enlightenment and clarity of mind. It’s my theory that even if Adamyans are being ridiculed by Hathorian race, they too also want progress, but not the way Hathors’ means to pursue progress. In this way, Encantados can achieve progress without the thirst and hunger of power. I think Adamyans also understood the philosophy of Mother Gem, but they know for a fact that they should only use the Mother Gem as a catalyst of progress, not as destructive force of nature.

Let’s talk about Adamya’s Sigil. Adamyans’ sigil is represented by a mermaid. Mermaids, like dragons and fairies, are one of the most prominent mythological creatures of the world. Nearly every mythologies and fandoms has mermaid lores. We have the Water Nymphs that can transform into mermaids, Mermaid-deities, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Harry Potter’s Merfolk living under the Great Black Lake, and Merpeople serving Poseidon’s court in his undersea palace. Even here in the Philippines, we have several stories/telefantasya about mermaids, like Marina, it’s comical adaptation Marinara, Kambal-Sirena, and the ever famous Dyesebel.

Mermaids can also be found on Encantadia. They don’t talk (much like the merpeople of Harry Potter universe), but they could possibly speak human language underwater. They are elusive, but surprisingly, they followed Cassiope-a’s orders on the process of saving Ybarro/Ybrahim. Adamyans are known to have great affinity with the mermaids of Encantadia. And with these creatures, there are some interesting points that I want to share to you all:

First, mermaids have been introduced in early encantadia teasers. The Adamyan Sigil, as legend say, is based from a deity queen in a form of a mermaid, the one who reigned in the lands we now call Adamya. I believe the deity queen saw Adamyans as wise creatures, and she offered her land to be their home. If the legend is true, then great magic/power has stored in Adamya, as it was a previous home of a goddess. It’s also a theory that Adamyans worshipped that deity aside from Emre, since she was their source of great wisdom. The mermaid sigil symbolizes the respect of Adamyans to the deity Queen who gave them home, and acknowledgment that the deity queen is a powerful goddess.

Second, mermaids are water creatures. They are the most prominent creatures associated to Water Element. It’s fitting that Adamya adopted as mermaids as their sigil, as Adamyans are first keepers of Brilyante ng Tubig. Though we haven’t seen Imaw used the Brilyante ng Tubig in the past, we can say that Imaw might be also adept in using the powers of the Water Gem. Another thing, we can say that mermaids are closest to Sang’gre Alena, the Lirean Keeper of Brilyante ng Tubig.

Third, Adamyans are creatures who deeply understood the principles of Devas Symbol of Wisdom and Clarity. Notice that mermaid’s hair flowing upward? It symbolizes the willingness of Adamya to impart their wisdom to other races Hathoria, Lireo and Sapiro. It also symbolizes the desire of Adamyans to seek wisdom from other race.

Lastly, I mentioned that Adamya can be a great source of magic, as it was a previous home of a deity queen. What if there’s a place in Adamya where deserving Encantados, as well as mermaids, can summon a water portal, going to the place where the deity queen is currently residing. What if that deity queen is slumbering, waiting for someone to awaken her?

Note: We know that Cassiope-a is on the process of her ascension to godhood. But what if one of Cassiope-a’s quest is to find the location of deity queen so that deity will pass her powers to Cassiope-a?


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