Encantadia Sigil: Lireo

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Avisala Engkantadiks! Now that we discussed the mystery of Hathoria, let’s talk about the home of most prominent Encantados, where the four Sang’gres hailed, where Cassiope-a gained her Queenship, the Queendom of Lireo.

Situated at east of the realm, Lireo is the home of fairest creatures, the ever beautiful Diwatas. It is a Kingdom, like the kingdom of Hathoria and Sapiro, surrounded by great forest. In the coast we will see the Island of Cassiope-a, where the Battle of Amihan I and Adhara took place. Lireo also has the largest prison for women, the dark and isolated land of Carcero.

Citizens of Lireo are called Diwata. Fairies are prominent creatures if Medieval folklore, and Philippines has different diwatas as well (Maria Makiling, Maria Sinukuan, Visayan diwatas/deities). Like elves, Diwatas are creatures of light and air, so it’s fitting that they are the keepers of Brilyante ng Hangin. Moreover, the first keeper of Mother Gem given by Emre was a Lirean Royalty – Queen Cassiope-a.

As creatures of Air and Light, Lireans are the most faithful followers of Emre, their patron god, the god of spirituality and faith. I always see them as priests, like Hathors as blacksmiths and Sapiryans as Healers. However, unlike Hathors, Lireans are most conservative when it comes to keeping the tradition and belief in Encantadia.

Lirean Sigil is Lambana, a small fairy-like creature. Like those followers of Emre, Lambanas are loyal to Lireans. Some of them, like Muyak, are damas serving the Lirean Sang’gres. We know that Lambanas undergo Banyuhay, a metamorphosis, just like Diwani (young Sang’gre) undergo Banyuhay to achieve extraordinary powers. But what mystery stored for these loyal creature? It’s known that they first inhabited the lands where Lireo is situated now but do they also have king/queendom?

I believe they also have kingdom, on the same tree where they undergo Banyuhay. I also think that their Queen forged a loyalty to Lireo, for friendship and protection. Since then, they coexist together in Lirean palace.

Another interesting detail to notice on Lirean Sigil is that, there are swishing lines at the back of Lambana. I think it’s the Air element. After they achieved their Banyuhay, Lambanas have beautiful butterfly wings. And after that, they will transform into a retre, the butterflies who guide the dead while they go to Devas.

Lambana is one of the lore some of us are invested to. When we will be able to see those creatures again?


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