Encantadia: Mythology Parallelism

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Avisala Engkantadiks! I mentioned on my previous post that one of the elements of Encantadia 2016 is it has own mythology. From mythological creatures to gods, Encantadia is rich with myths that support the storyline of our beloved fantaserye. Ever since I was a kid, I love to read myths that taught not only in our class, but also by books from out school libraries.

Have you heard Zeus? Or Athena? Or fair and beautiful nymphs? Yes, they’re some of figures of Greek Mythology. Myths from Ancient Greece is one of the most prominent literature in the world. And one thing I admire about Encantadia is that, we can easily discern concepts adapted from stories or characters in Greek Mythology. Some scenes are actually based to some characters and stories of Greek Mythology.

First is the Sapiro Sigil and Labirinto ni Balbal. Sapiro Sigil is based on Sarangay, Philippine version of Minotaur, one of the most fearsome monster, son of Queen Pasiphae of Crete and great White Bull sacred to King Minos. And Labirinto ni Bal-bal is also based on Great Labyrinth, home of the said Minotaur. Athenians are offered to be exiled in the the Labyrinth, only to be killed or eaten by Minotaur. Remember the skulls and skeletons littered in Labirinto? I believed the skeletons of Engkantados killed by Bal-bal.

Second is the power of Water gem to erase the memories of an Engkantado. One of the Rivers of Greek Underworld has the power to erase the memory of someone. It’s the River Lethe.

Third is Cassiope-a. Her name is based from Queen Cassiopeia of Ethiopia, cursed by Poseidon for her arrogance and vanity. Her story is totally different from our Queen Cassiope-a, but nevertheless it’s interesting to have a name of Lirean Queen based on a Queen in Greek Myth.

Lastly, the Bathalas of Encantadia, Emre, Arde and Ether. I actually picture them as primordial gods in Greek mythology, Ouranos, Tartarus and Gaea. Ouranos is the first sky god, Tartarus is god of evil pit of underworld, Tartarus itself. And Gaea is earth goddess, like Ether herself.

The question is, will there be a Goddess of Wisdom in Encantadia, like Greek goddess Athena? Will there be other gods protecting the realm of Encantadia? And will there be pashnea, based on Greek Myth? Share your thoughts Engkantadiks! What other scenes, characters or objects inspired by mythology around the world? 😊


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