Be Like Lira and Mira…

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“Be like Lira and Mira, in a world full of chaotic millenials”

Avisala Engkantadiks! I would like to take this opportunity to commend 2 characters of Encantadia 2016 – Lira and Mira, portrayed by young actresses Mikee Quintos and Kate Valdez.

We know the story of the two Sang’gre, how their life twisted by Pirena and how their fate intertwined with each other. But what I love about Lira and Mirais that they’re far different from 2005 version. Thanks to Team E, they gave us the new version of Lira and Mira. And I’m pretty much loving Kate’s and Mikee’s portrayals.

From damsel-in-distress who gave up her throne because of love, now we have joyful Sang-gre full of positivity in life. Lira is perfect example of a typical millenial. But what differs Lira from youth nowadays is that she’s full of morals taught by her foster mother, Amanda. Her good manners, values, and loving nature is her strength now that she’s facing challenges in Encantadia. Even though she’s not trained and fully equipped with fighting skills, it didn’t stop her to fulfill her role as luntaie – savior of Encantadia.

Unforgivingly bratinella and bad-tempered Sang’gre, I despised Mira in her 2005 version. I also wished that she has better fate this 2016. Surprisingly, Sang’gre Mira is total opposite of her old version, or we would say, she finally passed her maturity. She has intelligence of her true mother Pirena, compassion and love of her foster mother, Amihan, sweetness and kindess of her Ashti Alena and toughness and bravery of her Ashti Danaya. With those qualities I actually see her as Queen of Lireo. Since then, Mira became one of my favorite Enca characters.

These 2 Sang’gre are precious gifts for us Engkantadiks. They’re the new models to our youth. If we have “pag-asa ng bayan”, we also have “pag-asa ng Encantadia”. Lira and Mira taught us to leave foolishness behind, and embrace maturity and transform into better self.

Now, the only challenge to both of young Sang’gre is that, will they will be able to pass their challenge? Will Lira be able to go to Devas and fulfill her quest? And will Mira be able to face her own challenge – to forgive and accept her true mother Pirena?


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