Encantadia Sigil: Sapiro

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Sapiro is one of the 4 kingdoms (3, since we consider Adamya as Teritory) situated in northern part of Encantadia. Sapiro is the richest Kingdom in terms of natural resources. It’s also strategically built in mountainous terrain and lasted for hundreds of years. It’s surrounded by great forests, home of different species of pashnea (mythical and ordinary). This Kingdom is also home of powerful healers and fierce warriors. Eventually, the Sapiryan Royalty was tasked to protect and be the Keeper of Brilyante ng Lupa.

The Emblem of Sapiro is Sarangay. This mythical creature holds a jewel and vicious towards thieves who want to steal its jewel.

Sapiro is tagalog word of Sapphire, a jewel with bluish hue. What if that gem guarded by Sarangay is a Sapphire? And what is the origin of Sapiro?

So this is my theory. I believe that Sarangay is essential in founding Sapiro. Golden Age Healers of the North received a prophecy (or prophecies) when they saw a Sarangay with it’s Sapphire jewel. This prophecy could depict the birth of a Lirean Queen with great Sapiryan blood. Meaning, a Sang’gre with Royal Sapiryan lineage.

If this theory is correct, then this prophecy was fulfilled already, with Queen Amihan of Lireo (daughter of Sapiryan Prince Raquim and Lirean Queen Mine-a). This prophecy can also be applied to Sang’gre Lira since she’s a daughter of Sapiryan Heir Ybrahim and Queen Amihan.

Another prophecy that I’m thinking is the fall and rise of Sapiro. Maybe the prophecy told them (ancient Sapiryans) that one day, Sapiro will fall but will rise again with the help of Lirean royalty destined to be a great Sapiryan Queen. And with the true heir of Sapiro marrying this royalty, the Sapiryan Kingdom will flourish and return to its greatness.

But who is the Queen referred in the prophecy? Would it be Amihan, the Keeper Brilyante ng Hangin? The Lirean Royalty who fought so many battles with Ybrahim? Air is opposite of Earth (represented by Ybrahim) and Earth and Air principles always clash, so would it be opposites attract? Or would it be Sang’gre Alena, the Keeper of Brilyante ng Tubig? The First Love of Ybrahim/Ybarro and the mother of his son Kahlil? Water nourishes the Earth and it gives life to barren land. And Alena, once she gets the Water Gem and reconciles with her sisters, will for sure use it to restore Sapiro.

Anyway, the Healers adapted Sarangay as their emblem and founded the Kingdom of Sapiro, which came from the jewel guarded by Sarangay. Since then, Sapiryans became close friend and loyal allies of Diwatas of Lireo, hoping that the prophecy/prophecies will be fulfilled.

Well, we don’t know who will be the endgame, so all we can do is speculate and hope for the best. And the purpose of this theory is not to create a YbraMihan/AleBarro argument, but to share an insight on what will be the fate of great Sapiryan Kingdom.


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