Devas Symbols

Analysis by: Rob Evangelista

Just like mortal world, Encantadia is governed with different Philosophies and Principles of magic. One of the best things in Encantadia 2016 is that, there’s corresponding meaning to a specific concept (Thanks to Golden Trio Sir Noel Layon Flores, Ms Suzette Severo Doctolero, and Direk Mark Reyes). Now, as we delve further on mysteries of our epic fantaserye, let’s talk about the philosophy that explains the creation, principle and laws of nature of Encantadia

Devas Symbol. This is one of the new concepts of Encantadia this year. It amazes me a lot, that even if Enca already has a Mythology, they’re brilliant enough to create a concept like this to support the mythology. These symbols have corresponding representations, and if an engkantado understood its meaning, will be able to use its magic. Devas symbols are derived from symbols etched in four gems of Nature – Fire for Passion/Emotion, Air for Spirituality/Faith, Water for Wisdom, and Earth for Creation. Each Devas symbol corresponds to each powers of 4 gems of nature, which supports the Devas Philosophy.

First is the Devas Circle for Creation. This Symbol is also associated with Physicality and Reality. This is also the origin of the symbol of the Earth Gem (Brilyante ng Lupa). It is the circle of creation, tangibility and reality. According to Sir Noel, this circle is directly associated with Ether, the Bathaluman adversary of Emre, Father-God of Encantadia. Perhaps it is because Ether is the goddess of creation. In Encantadia, it was her that often creates living entities such as Olorkas, Bal-bal and fell beasts and it is quite possible that it was through her that the denizens of Encantadia were brought to life way before the great rift between gods and goddesses.

Among the 4 Devas Symbols, this Circle is the easiest to decipher and understand. I think all it requires from its practitioners is endless imagination and strong will the create the impossible. This magic circle also requires full understanding to elements of reality and physicality. And since this symbol represents creation, this symbol can be used to summon beings, artifacts and anything out of thin air. This Devas Symbol is also the source of mystical power of Brilyante ng Lupa, and possibly gave the power to summon the twin-guides of 4 gems.

Second is Devas Circle for Transition/Emotion. It is the origin of the symbol of the Fire gem(Brilyante ng Apoy). It is the circle of transformation. Transference of energy from one form to another. The transformation of one entity. It is the magic circle associated with Arde, the Bathala that rules the underworld. Arde is known to be the god of Emotion, the god who governs the emotional well-being of denizens of Encantadia. The question is, did Arde use his power to flame up the emotions of Encantados to do evil things (like Adhara) or come up with wrong decisions base on emotion (like Alena)?

Now, this Circle is a little bit of trickier for practitioners of magic. Like Devas Symbol for Creation, this symbol also requires willpower, but extremely powerful enough to will something to transform from one essence to another. This Circle may grant superhuman intelligence to Encantados, but it also require its practitioners to have mind with great superiority so they can handle the intelligence the Circle can bestow upon them.

This magic circle is also the source of mystical powers of Brilyante ng Apoy, and possibly gave the Brilyante ng Lupa the power to transform its user to any pashnea she wishes, just like how Pirena can transform into any Engkantado. This circle possibly grants the ability to Diwata (Sang’gre) and Lambana to undergo Banyuhay (metamorphosis).

Third is Devas Circle Spirituality or Faith. It is the origin of the symbol of the air element. It is the circle of magic associated with the Father-god, Emre. This is the magic circle also known for opening and closing dimensional portals or waypoints. This Devas Circle was present when Lakan used the Sky portal from mortal world to Encantadia.

This Devas Circle is total opposite of Devas Circle of Creation. While the Symbol of Ether represents reality, the circle associated to Emre represents spirituality. That’s possible reason why Ether hates Emre above all Bathalas. While Ether created all denizens of Encantadia, Emre gave them life, possible by using this magic Circle. While the Devas Symbol of Creation requires greater understanding of reality and physicality, this Magic Circle of Spirituality requires full detachment to physical aspects of life. It’s something like total separation of spirit to your physical self. This principle is also used by monks of Buddhism, and the Air Nomads of Avatar – the Enlightenment. And since this magic circle also represents faith, it also governs the faith of Encantados to divine beings, and since this magic circle is affiliated to Emre, he has more influence to the faith of Denizens of Encantadia.

Even though the Devas Circles of Creation and Spirituality often clashes (with earth and air opposite elements), they always tend to cooperate with each other. Take the Creation as example. Ether created engkantados and creatures while Emre breathed life and bestowed spirit to all engkantados. I’m also have this theory that it was the magic circles of Creation and Spirituality were used to create the Portal of Asnamon. The Magic Circle of Creation is used to summon a tree-like gateway, and the Magic Circle of Spirituality enchanted the gateway to create a portal and entry point to another dimension/realm.

Like other magic circle, the Devas Symbol for Spirituality is the source of mystical powers of Brilyante ng Hangin. This Circle is also used to create the Sky Portal.

Last is Devas Circle of Wisdom. It is the origin of the symbol of the Water gem (Brilyante ng Tubig). Among the magical charms and spells, the one with Wisdom in its center is the most subtle yet most powerful of all whether used for the path of light or for darkness. It holds the key to combining any of the essences or elements. The one who understands this circle has the power to use the fifth element to either combine all singularities into one omnipotent essence or bring forth destruction to all there is in Encantadia.

Of all the Devas Symbols, this magic circle is the most complex and most difficult to unlock its mysteries and understand its power. However, I agree that this Magic circle holds the most powerful force that can either bind the forces of nature or destroy the realm of Encantadia. Notice the other three magic circles? all them are surrounded by the Devas Symbols for Wisdom. That means this symbol has influence to other Devas Circles. Very few can achieve and decode the powers of this Devas Symbol and those practitioners of Magic Symbol are the most powerful magic users in Encantadia.

Like the symbols of creation and spirituality, this Devas Symbol is opposite of Devas Symbol for Emotion. While Magic Circle of Emotion requires sharpness of mind, this Symbol requires clarity and calmness of mind, receptive to ultimate realities of nature, and a willing vessel for divine wisdom.

The Devas Symbol for Wisdom is the source of mystical powers of Brilyante ng Tubig. It’s also possible that this Magic Circle is used to grant clairvoyance and clear Sight to Encantados (Casseopea). It also grants divine wisdom to those who deserve. And if possible, this Circle will be used to create Water Portal (used by mermaids and magical sea creatures).

We still don’t know if there’s a fourth deity. I always make a point that we Engkantadiks should have time to discuss the fourth deity, to balance the forces of divinity. The big question that we all should be asking is, if there are Bathalas or gods represented by a magic circle, is there a fourth one? A fourth Bathaluman?

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