Mira: Daughter of Pirena

Written By: Kiko Santelices

First of all I wanted to give my love to Kate Valdez, she is a stunner for Mira’s character, and I was expecting that she will be beautiful no doubt but I see more in her that meets the eye. I see understanding, depth in all forms as she portrays the role of Mira. I first saw promise in her acting when she was cast as Violet in Destiny Rose. I said, “damn, GMA struck GOLD in this Kid.” And so she was Mira the leverage child of Pirena.

The hype turned out to be pretty well as the fans clamored on the idea of having good genes in Mira. Not to mention the phenomenal participation of a newbie actor Ken Alfonso as the Lirean soldier forced into giving Pirena a child. Thus I will give my praises to the casting director for bringing this material. I see resemblance and combination of god given genes in the person of an ingénue none the less Miss Kate Valdez.

Fine I kept praising her beauty but it’s not all that. I am convinced that her characterization is well dignified. On this version I was not expecting that her character to be just and reasonable in terms of giving counsel to her known mother Amihan. Base on the 2005 version, Mira was depicted as a spoiled self entitled heir to the throne of Lireo. She is stubborn and mostly cold at times. She is well cherished and glorified as the one and only choice for the crown. But in this new version of the character, the 2016 is a surprising revelation. Mira was shown as a struggling kid who wants to please her court and its subjects. I greatly appreciate the fact that a royalty in this version must not rest and be complaisant as competition is never resting and changes in succession is absolute. It seems that Lireo has upgraded its standards that If any chance an heir is not worthy of leadership, she shall not get the favor to the crown and have her ashti’s continue the succession thus left as a liability than an asset. Before it is a sense of entitlement for an only child to succeed the throne, that is why Pirena used Mira as leverage to the crown as she is sure that once Mira had the throne, she’ll be the ultimate ruler giving Mira the revelation that Pirena is her biological mother. Hence, that will never happen anymore for Mira sees Pirena as a threat to her chances, and is left with no choice but to challenge her true mother.

Now as well balanced character, having that upbringing under Amihan’s nurture and also that disciplinarian influence on Danaya’s part, I see a wise young lady with good references to start as the future Queen. But so as we say that blood is thicker than water, you cannot hide the fact that indeed Pirena is her biological mother. Impatient, proud and tactful are qualities that Pirena had passed down to Mira. The down influence of Gurna poisoning Pirena’s mind is also applied by Pirena to Mira, making Mira feel insecure, less loved and less worthy. That is why this kid is troubled. It sounds interesting that her character is not just influenced by genes and motherly nurture but also by prophesies. It is all but a shared destiny that in the eyes of Cassiopeia, Lira’s life is forever intertwined with Mira may it be for entitlement or for love. A prophesy was told that she’ll give up her throne for Love. Ironically speaking that among the four sisters, it is Alena who is more likely to be the sole pattern of Emre in Mira’s progression. And I admired the fact that even though everything is handed on a silver platter given the fact that she was planted as bait by forces surrounding her, still Mira will chose to confirm it for herself as she’s determined to find out if Love is possible from a total stranger and there it was her heart was stolen by the gentleman he wishes to eliminate. Still she chose Love instead. That I believe is one powerful luxury that her character made for herself not because it’s her end point but because it’s her choice.

I am even more excited for the coming episodes as to how will she’ll cope up learning the truth that she is Pirena’s daughter. That mortified kid will do her best as she feels responsible for Danaya’s being targeted by her biological mother. Still that guilty conscience on her because she pushed the idea of putting Danaya on trial all because of the so called influence of her own grandfather that appears to be a secret friend and adviser. She will be honed by an unclaimed relative, even Pirena will not see this coming and before Pirena learns about this confidential meet ups, Hagorn already influenced his granddaughter into challenging her own Mother. So as I see, that in the end the price of betrayal and double cross will be paid in full. And maybe Mira’s fate in reference to 2005 will note change after all. It is but a warning to Pirena to never, ever challenge the balance of order and push the idea of destruction.

Still who knows, maybe it will be a happy ending for her. The future is uncertain if she will live or die. The point of the matter is that, it is not in living or dying that her character shines but it is through her significance. First, as a form of joy to Amihan given the fact that she was known to be the true LIRA for that matter. Second the role she shall play to Anthony and Milagros as third wheel, the chances she took for following her heart and live a life with the mortal that she loves. Last but most importantly that agape kind of sacrifice that is set to happen in order to save her mother as a form of redemption is one of the most tragic yet beautifully made scenes i have ever seen on Philippine TV in reference to the 2005 version. I am sure more exciting plots, cliffhangers and sequels in between will be shown in the 2016 version that will make us love, hate, adore and even cry over MIRA’S character. Until then, Masne Lesnu.

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