ENCANTADIA NOTES HOW I WISH: Minorities with their Character Development, Potential Cliffhangers and Future Plot Twists

By: Kiko Santelices

For the past few weeks we have been witnessing all the happenings in the whole Encantadia universe with the leading characters to highlight the show. But little did we know that there are some of the minor characters that hold a possible turnout; plots that can develop as the show progress. So let us get down to business. Unfolding characters potentials can be a bit tricky but in the end all risks and wise opportunities must be taken into consideration.

Let us start with Muros. In reference to the 2005 version, Muros was the right hand comrade of General Aquil . Muros’s character was a diwata soldier that has his loyalty to lireo and its subjects. But in the 2016 version base on what I have observed, Carlo Gonzalez has this element of mystery shadowed in darkness type of acting. I see a potential antagonist that will will show his true colors later on the show as his character progress, if so it will add a beautiful dynamic to the character interpretation. I want a different Muros given the fact that Aquil and Muros are Buddies. I want a rift between them to test their friendship. I see Muros of 2016 as a Silent mover with hidden agenda along the way. Unlike Gurna who is the opposite, muros is pictured as loyal to the throne but what if he has a different agenda? Who knows if he is a HATHOR like gurna, polished and groomed to be a DIWATA, serving as a spy for Hagorn to confirm the happenings on Lireo because hagorn doesn’t trust Gurna’s Loyalty. The Idea of what if he has feelings for sanggre Danya? That will add fire to the development of his character. Another twist is that what is his origin? Why does he have a highlight in his hair? What is its significance? Questions that is debatable. If my assumptions are correct, I believe that the highlighted hair it is a mark of significance among soldiers. I would push the idea of Betrayal. An old lirean custom set before that if a soldier of status regain the trust of the council and the monarch. As a guilty and is put on trial. That once incriminated soldier is proven able of being trusted again, he will receive a mark of distinction, where he once betrayed a certain dynasty. Maybe he is a traitor to Adhara’s leadership before, which is why he had this distinction. For the old fans of Muros, let us take the traitor “Adama of Enca 2005” out of the picture and replace him with Muros as the new Ally of sangge pirena. Sounds tasteful right? If he will indeed replace Aquil as the new chief of Soldiers under Pirena’s Reign of terror, I want flashbacks. I want to see how Pirena poisoned Muros’s mind. Or it can also be a form of a double cross plot. If you’ll look at it maybe Muros only accepted the bait to spy against Pirena as his true loyalty is indeed belongs to the throne of Lireo and its true Queen Amihan but he must not blew his cover as a traitor and as a Pirena sympathizer. Secret meeting with Sanggre Amihan in a flashbacks is also must. This is only right after the Coup d’état.

Another Minor Character is Alira Naswen. This Warrior Sapiryan remains a question up until now. Who knows what her role will be in the show as her character develops? Can it also be a cliffhanger that Alira Naswen can be a possessive lover? Her passion and determination to win Aquil will be shown as she doesn’t fear the sight and presence of the feisty Sanggre Danaya. I can see a future Arch Nemesis to Danaya where Alira’s confidence exudes in her, that she is not threatened and is bold that she wants Aquil All for herself. I want a plot of treason, a strong kind of Jealousy that will make her turn away her loyalty for Lireo and go back as an ally to Prinsipe Asval.

In connection to her is another Strong Warrior of equal greatness in the character of Agane. I like the correlation of double crossing plots between the Masters and their minorities. So as the superior characters thought they have won, the underdog bites back with its deadly and hard revelation of getting even. The Minorities for once will have that taste for what it’s like to have a status of power. I want an idea of a confidentiality agreement among Alira and Agane, like for an example Alira pretending to be an ally to Asval so that in the future she will rise to power and form groups that will challenge sangge danaya in the future as a superpower. Same as Agane is making a move against Haring Hagorn by triple crossing an entire allegiance, first against Lord Hagorn, second with asval to share the hidden wealth of sapiro and Last hers and Alira’s pact to rise as both equals. Women empowerment is the game. In the first place a twist between Alira and Agane was shown in a flashback they made a pact to share the rule of power as both rebels and uprising Female Superpower. This so called form a pact as secretly double crossing Hagorn and Asval. I also want an idea where Agane is secretly in love with Alira and alira doesn’t know it. LGBT theme my dear. I want Agane wanting to be the Queen of Hathoria, never the outcast bastard and a half sister of Lord Hagorn, it is a never again moment for her. And Alira puting a Coup d’etat on Principe Asval but also wanting a parliamentary potion in Sapiro making her character develop as an uprising rebel against sapiro’s monarch to battle and challenge Reyna Danaya in the future. Making it darker than Etheria 2006, bloody storyline that involves alliances, loyalty, deception and vise versa.

Last but definitely not the least, the Greatest Villain in the story is a hibernating force with an army of notorious criminals, The Unwanted of lireo, an army of banished women from the island of Carcero. Just so that this minorities but shall have a taste of what it’s like to be in a position of power, not so fast. These so called amateurs will cringe to the idea of a Greater Superpower on the rise to destroy both good and evil among every living soul. The Tyrant Queen Adhara!!!

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